Rose Water


Used since ancient times the Rose has the property of soothing the skin, moisturizing it and making it soft and velvety.
The Rose Water tonic acts on tired and dull face, refreshing it, it strengthens the skin barrier defenses and carries out a purifying and astringent action. This makes it suitable for all skin types.
It is great for gently cleansing the skin in the morning, with a rejuvenating refreshing effect, or it can be used after cleansing as a softening tonic. In the evening, you can use it as an anti-fatigue pack, with two soaked cotton pads to apply to the eye contour.
During the day, it can be sprayed on the face as desired, whenever we need hydration or a breath of freshness. Ideal if applied after normal facial cleansing to combat any irritation, it is useful in the absence of water and also to replace water in preparations such as clay masks.
Packaging: 200 ml bottle with spray dispenser.

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