Perfumery School

The Italian School of Perfume was born from the initiative and determination of Dr. Fernanda Russo, after a brilliant degree in Pharmacy and numerous specializations in Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils.

The teaching activity began in 1993: studies, researches and training concerning the world of essence and perfume. In 2013 the breakthrough: a qualified teaching team with the aim of passing, through a real school, the ancient art of creating the Artisan perfume, was constituted.

Besides, bearing in mind the contents, whose historic, artistic and cultural depth is of great value even if not so common, the ultimate goal is to identify and train young and enthusiasts olfactory talents and offer them the opportunity to get involved in a wider economic and social context.

In 2016 the Association “I Profumi di Boboli “, whose main statutory objective is the training, applied for and obtained for its activities an institutional partnership with the Scuola Italiana del Profumo, a special form of “joint venture” whose goal is to promote the development of new methods and products, environmentally friendly.

Italian School of Perfume