Ozone Benefits

  • Jalo3 Anti-Aging Refill – 60ml

    System Active Anti-Aging atomized

    Made of Ozone, Hyaluronic Acid, Plant Stem, Enzymes Bioactive
    Anti-aging oxygenating formulation composed of a mixture of Oxygen and Ozone, for a specific and prolonged protection from environmental aggressions. It helps to keep the skin defenses intact with a soothing and anti-oxidant action.
    Recommended for sensitive or mature skin that needs to reinforce and ensure integrity of the natural skin barrier, protecting it from environmental aggressions.
    Active Ingredients
    Oxygen and Ozone
    Hyaluronic Acid Bioactive
    Plant Stem of Hippocastano
    Nourishes and moisturizes
    Effective anti-oxidant protection
    Oxygenating anti-aging
    Diffuses a feeling of well-being
    The product is applied through the atomizer.
    We recommend 5/8 applications a day for 10/12 seconds each.

  • Jalo3 Kit Anti-Aging Black Edition

    The kit contains:
    The Jalo3® atomizer
    60ml Anti-Aging Refill x1
    Atomizer charger

    Nanoparticle Atomizer
    For effective action over time, 3/5 sprays of approximately 8/10 seconds each are recommended.
    The atomizer is activated through the sliding door.
    Anionic Micromassage
    The jalo3® micromassage function allows the product to be conveyed more diffusely and deeper.
    To start the massage, touch both conductive plates on the sides of the device and place the tip on the skin, moving it gently on the face.
    Hydration Sensor
    The device is equipped with a skin hydration sensor.
    The beginning of the micro-massage indicates the optimal state of hydration.
    Otherwise it will be necessary to activate the oxygen-ozone atomizer until the correct hydration of the skin is re-established, signaled by the reactivation of the micro-massage.
    The application of Jalo3® through the atomizer allows the Anti Aging Serum to penetrate the outer layers of the skin going deeper, so as to obtain greater effectiveness. The traditional cream applied in the usual way has a rapid decay after application: Jalo3®, intervening at deeper levels, has a very slow decay and can be applied several times a day.
    It can be used on the face, décolleté, lower arm areas, back, inner thigh, buttocks. Since the first application the active ingredient penetrates through the horny layer of the skin, immediately giving hydration and tone.
    The results are immediately visible and the benefits are progressive.